Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pink Sun Rising QUILT-ALONG

Thank-you for all the enthusiasm and sweet comments about doing a Quilt-Along of this paper-pieced project!  

Is it difficult?  

In the realm of paper-piecing I would say NO because the paper-piecing component of this design is really only comprised of non-intersecting seams 

- you know -

NO dreaded Y - seams!

like these:
design wall view of my current project!!

it does have curved piecing 

- but with a few challenges

we can all feel accomplished after tackling a new skill-set or
just further exploring one we have already delved into.

Some of you lovely followers had some other concerns - VERY busy right now, could we get a discount on the pattern, etc.

This Quilt-Along will be up on the blog in perpetuity so jump in when it works best for you!  

Instead of a discounted initial purchase what I thought might be 
(and isn't that what this is all about???)
would be to offer a discount on any further pattern purchase of any one QUILTING BIAS Quilt Design pattern if you send me a photo of your finished quilt top or even possibly (GASP) the completed quilt which I will share on the blog.  I thought that might be a LITTLE more incentive to GET IT DONE than giving it away up front.  (add wink here!!)


STEP 1:  
GATHER your materials.


a..  The PATTERN!  
This can be mailed to you in printed format or you can get an immediate PDF download.  All the resources for this are at the top of the blog.  Craftsy ONLY supports downloads, Big Cartel or Etsy support both.  If you would prefer not to access any of these on-line sources I can invoice you directly through PayPal as well.

b.  Notions:
Basic quilting supplies you enjoy using - you know - rotary cutter, mat, quilting rulers, good quality pins, scissors (paper AND fabric) etc.


i.  The one specialty item that will come in handy is an Add A Quarter Ruler.  
It is not ABSOLUTELY necessary but is handy.  
You can use a quilting ruler with a 1/4 inch demarcation on it alternatively but the Add A Quarter snugs right up to the seam you are cutting next to so does help avoid slippage.

ii.  Another choice is in the paper you use for printing the pattern onto.  
The pattern has 1 of each of the component parts of the blocks - you will have to print these for each block.  Printer paper or specialty paper-piecing paper is an individual choice.  Personally I use both.  Paper specially designed  for paper-piecing is lighter weight and tears away more easily than printer paper.  If you use printer paper it will require a little more care in removing it - but it is done successfully all the time.

iii.  Freezer paper.

c.  Fabric
Yardage is listed in the pattern.  
A word to the wise - it is always prudent to think ahead a little about binding and backing if you want it to coordinate or match any other fabric you are using.  Have you ever been disappointed when, having completed a quilt top then trying to find THAT special fabric again to no avail??  GRRRR.....


are you READY???

Let's get our heads and supplies together and meet back here in about 2 weeks:

on OCTOBER 15 

and we will BEGIN!

I am EXCITED to do this with you!

Please leave any questions or concerns in the comments or email me at


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