Thursday, September 17, 2015


I just completed this improvisationally pieced quilt.  
It began life with a grey background but that just didn't do anything for it, or me.  
I usually love white or grey backgrounds that let the shapes and colors of a quilt really sing.  
Not this time!   
This mauve Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen proved to be the best choice for the other fabrics in the "ribbons" to assert themselves.

These ribbon blocks are the COMPLETE opposite of being improvisationally cut - all done on an Accuquilt die.

an improvisationally pieced quilt 
of non-improvisationally cut pieces!

As it began to take shape the square knots looked more and more like zeros to me - hence the Square Naughts name.

This process was fun; unwieldy at times seeing where the ribbons and knots took me BUT an interesting composition, I think, evolved!

The lovely wavy-lined quilting really accentuates the hard edges of the ribbons.  Once again a huge thanks to Jennifer McClanahan of Jenn's Quilting for seeing my vision and creating the reality with her long-arm machine.