Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Scrappy Modern Sampler for Advanced Beginner Quilters.

One of the aspects of quilting I enjoy the most is sharing the fun, the skills and the ever-changing horizons quilting has today.  It has become a newly re-discovered craft by many younger folks who are definitely bringing their own imprint to it.  I LOVE the new fabrics, the new aesthetic and the new enthusiasm!!

Having just completed an Intro to Quilting class with some wonderful ladies  who have developed varying degrees of wanting to know more, I realized that they pretty much were left hanging knowing how to sew a precise 1/4 inch seam, how to press, how to use the rotary cutter masterfully and safely, AND how to knock out a killer half-square triangle (or hundreds of them).  Where to go from here?  Well, once I really started thinking about it I realized there were so MANY places to go from here.  I narrowed it down to some skills that would advance them further into delving on their own, when comfortable, into some modern quilting thinking!  These are the blocks I came up with to develop many skills: accurate piecing, circular piecing, basic paper-piecing, color theory, machine applique, improvisational piecing, fussy cutting and so on!

How could I resist creating a scrappy quilt top with all this new fabric that landed in my mailbox recently?  My only regret was I wasn't able to use it all - but - you all know what that means!

What skills do you think a freshly-minted quilter needs in their tool-kit?


  1. What a good mixture of techniques and the quilt is great :)

    1. thanks so much, Sew Quilt Designs. My goal is really to have them feel comfortable enough NOT to always follow patterns, but be able to adapt in a way they enjoy.


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