Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Year, New Class, New Quilters!!

Happy New Year everyone!

I know - 
I haven't been here in quite some time.  
Nasty flu over the holidays preempted some plans to catch up.  
I do want to share with everyone here, 6 lovely ladies who are in my Intro to Quilting Class and are creating their own wonderful and unique versions of the Blue Diamond Quilt.  
Have a peek at them using their temporary design walls which will soon become the batting in their new quilts, to get the light versus dark values just right!

Our next class will be pin basting and beginning the actual machine quilting.
I have been quite interested to read about board basting lately and am wondering what any of you think of it, if in fact you have tried it?  Using temporary spray adhesive, it appears to be a much more inviting choice not only in the actual quilting, so you don't have to stop & wrestle with the pins, but in ease of sandwiching; and NO bleeding on the quilt top!!
I would love to hear thoughts from those who have tried board basting.


I do love to hear your thoughts, and know others will too.
I look forward to reading YOUR comment!