Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What's On My Design Wall Today!

Back in this post on half-square triangles I mentioned that this quilt top was being made for a class I will be teaching on beginning quilting.  I have pieced ALL the HSTs and am now contemplating how to finish it up.  I made some other blocks showing different pattern combinations that I debated using as a top & bottom border, but I am preferring the simple clean diamonds without distraction at this point.  
I think I have been staring at it too long - it is beginning to scintillate to me!!

So... I think I will incorporate the other blocks into the backing so they are apparent for beginning quilters to see the myriad of choices you can have with HSTs.
I need to get this sandwiched, 
& photographed 
by the end of next week to get it into the class info that my LQS puts out for the next session of classes. 

I really don't like the whole sandwiching process.  It is SO much easier to send it off to my wonderful long-armer - Jennifer,
this is a class about making a quilt START to FINISH.  
SO not thrilled about this.

What is your preferred method of sandwiching?
Pins or spray baste?  

This is the last quilt I quilted on a domestic machine and it made me crazy moving it around and not being able to stay in the flow of my stitching.  

I know it is really hard to see the stitching but hopefully you get the idea!

Many people love to quilt on their domestic machines..  In our AMQG we are doing a BOM that has the option to quilt as you go (QAYG) which I am enjoying because of the ability to start and not stop until I am finished quilting a particular section in it's entirety.

Meanwhile I have begun another undertaking - a new quilt top with more CURVES!!  I have always loved circles and curves in quilts. I will be re-visiting sewing curves next week in the Pink Sun Rising Quilt-Along, part 2.
They bring a certain dynamism that cannot be achieved any other way.  They are really not that hard to sew if you take your time and pay attention.
I have taken the circles a little further than I intended -  as you can see I am auditioning a background fabric of polka dots as well.

These clamshells were cut very easily on an Accuquilt die cutter.  What a time-saver that is!

So what are you up to in your quilting adventures this week?

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  1. Your quilts are gorgeous! I love the colors of the half square triangle quilt and how the colors play together. Your circle quilt is really pretty too! I only enjoy machine quilting if the quilt size isn't too big :)

  2. You are always so positive Cindy - thank you!


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