Friday, September 26, 2014

So - Who Wants to do a QUILT-ALONG?

Karen left a comment on Wednesday's post when I asked what you all thought about paper piecing, that really got me thinking.  She asked for a recommendation about where to start.  
I thought - wow - great idea - 
a tutorial!

THEN the more I thought about it - what an opportunity this might be 
to do a quilt-along 
and get to know each other!

I think it is a GREAT idea!
(if I do say so myself) 

 I did a row-along with Lori Holt on her blog
(anyone else here participate?) 
even though it turned out to be an investment of time much longer in duration than I intended 
(she made no promises 
nor asked MY opinion 
or even set out with a plan) 

it was a great learning experience.

I am thinking we could should make my PINK SUN RISING quilt.  

Honestly - it is NOT that difficult.  
You will perfect paper-piecing those rays, 

get comfortable with sewing curves 

add a POP of a sun
                                          before you know it -

                                                                               you will BE DONE!

How do you feel about that?  Anyone interested?
I am actually teaching this in person at my local quilt shop in November so it would be perfect timing for me (my brain will be somewhat in that mode).

If you think you might like to do this please leave me a comment and we can start planning!

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  1. YES!!! If you say I can do it, then I guess I can...just no hand sewing, please!!!

  2. I think it is a great idea and I will love to quilt along with you. I don't know about the quilting part, but I can to paper piecing.

  3. I think this is a great idea and you can count me in!! How about providing a discount on the pattern for participants? What is the finished size of the quilt? Please don't ask me to link up or post to Instagram as I have no idea on how to do either unless you provide a tutorial for that as well. But I did post on Flicker when working on Lori's quilt along last winter at least for a few weeks until life took over and I got behind and added it to my pile of UFOs.

  4. What a fun tho' challenging paperpiecing pattern! Would love to try doing this.
    I CAN paperpiece after I get my mind "going backwards/upside down" from regular piecing.
    Karen B

  5. This would be a really neat quilt along, but is the paper piecing in this overly difficult for a beginner at paper piecing?

  6. Is this do able on line? I do not live near your area.


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