Sunday, August 17, 2014

What goes know!

I have come full circle.
A few years ago I was happily teaching quilting and other sewing projects locally.  I was finishing up a fairly complex raincoat and it just needed that something extra.  I made a very simple ruffled "flower" and, even though I didn't know it at the time, FLORADORNMENTS was born!
In the ensuing couple of years, through my ETSY shop, I had contact with so many wonderful people around the globe who loved fabric floral design!  
Who knew?  
I began to get special custom requests for particular applications and, best of all, weddings!  How much fun was it to work with exuberant brides?  LOTS!!  So many were thrilled to have a hand in creating a permanent memento of their BIG day.
I ended up walking away from quilting and devoting my entire sewing time and space to floradornments, but I was missing that particular creative part of my brain devoted to quilting.  The modern quilting aspect began to intrigue me - to the point where I founded the Augusta Modern Quilt Guild (
and began quilting again in earnest.
It was a little different this time, though.  
I was bored re-creating other people's fabulous designs and realized it was time to do "my own thing".  This is where I am today and here YOU are looking at my original Quilting Bias Quilt Designs with a definite modern slant.
This isn't for everyone - but what is?
I am enjoying creating and I hope you enjoy watching!
 Modern Geese is my first published quilt design and is available in a variety of places - please see all my links.                                                                    


  1. You are so talented! This quilt is stunningly beautiful! What a great design! I didn't realize that you started the Augusta Modern Quilt Guild either! I need to take lessons from you :) I need to design and write some patterns. I just need to make the time!


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